Del-Wood Kitchens

Quality Handcrafted Wood Cabinetry

Since 1962

Mission Statement

To Our Customers

 To provide our Authorized Dealers an exceptional business opportunity by the manufacturing of high quality products. To continue superior customer service while focusing attention on the many details of each order.  To enhance our business relationship and increase our value to our customers by an open and free exchange of industry ideas and continued evaluation of current market trends.  Our goal is to remain relevant in the marketplace and to be the preferred choice vendor to each and every customer. 


To Our Employees

​To provide our staff with a comfortable, clean and safe working environment.  A place where each employee is properly trained and well motivated in order to excel their craft.  To continue the thoughtful exchange of ideas between employees and management in order to refine our internal procedures, the manufacturing process and our finished products.  We believe that creating an atmosphere of teamwork, a strong sense of ownership in our work and the pride of being part of our family will result in an environment of excellence.  Finally, we want to provide each employee and their families fair compensation in return for their effort and investment they bring to the company.

To Our Community

We want to be recognized in Hanover and the surrounding communities as a coveted place to be employed.  We promise to maintain our facility and the adjoining property as it has been since 1962.  We want citizens of Hanover to know our reputation as a leader in the cabinet industry as well as a valuable contributor to local commerce and community affairs.


Green is not a color - It is our Culture

​We do not discard our raw material leftovers from cutting and machining of hardwood lumber and panels. Our system converts raw material by-products into valuable clean safe energy!  Our tall silos stand as a testament to our vision for the future and our desire to conserve valuable resources.  For more than 40 years, we have benefitted from this wood by-product heating technology and helping to save our environment.  We are proud to bring our customers an environmentally friendly product