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​​​​We take great pride in using only top quality materials in our cabinetry.  The beauty of wood is the variation and character of its grain and the subtle variation in its color hues.  Because no two trees are the same, there are differences in grain and color that will appear throughout the cabinetry.  These variations are considered normal and have never been considered a defect.

Natural finished cabinetry will show the natural grain and color variation more than cabinetry that has a stain applied.

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Birch wood is a light wood with a very fine grain.  It is often used to make cabinets, furniture and hardwood floors.  It is also frequently used as a veneer due to its beautiful grain and color
Cherry wood comes from the cherry fruit tree.
It is a hardwood, and it is famed for its durability and beautiful color
Maple is a type of hardwood that is cut from maple trees.  Maple has a unique color and grain, which makes it a highly prized woodworking product
Red oak wood is wood that has been cut from a red oak tree.  It is a popular wood choice for many carpenters, woodworkers and cabinetmakers
Pine wood is a frequently used material for fine and economic construction projects alike.  The properties of pine make it a popular choice because of its easy cultivation and widespread availability.